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MySQL Question

Can I create a for statement for this?

I want to check if the number is present in the column

and run a
. So far its working with the following code:

//$conn = connection to mysql.

$row1sql = "SELECT * from chktable where col='1'";
$row2sql = "SELECT * from chktable where col='2'";
$row3sql = "SELECT * from chktable where col='3'";
$row4sql = "SELECT * from chktable where col='4'";

$query1sql = $conn->query($row1sql);
$query2sql = $conn->query($row2sql);
$query3sql = $conn->query($row3sql);
$query4sql = $conn->query($row4sql);

$num1 = mysqli_num_rows($query1sql);
$num2 = mysqli_num_rows($query2sql);
$num3 = mysqli_num_rows($query3sql);
$num4 = mysqli_num_rows($query4sql);

I edit the other code based on the

How can I shorten this code? Can I use a
statement? How do I use it if its applicable? Or any other way to shorten this code?


Answer Source

This will get the col value and number of rows of it, only for col values 1,2,3,4

$query = $conn->query("SELECT col, count(*) as num FROM chktable GROUP BY col WHERE col IN (1,2,3,4);");
while($row = $query->fetch_object())
    echo "Col: ".$row->col.", Num:".$row->num;

you can do whatever check you want inside the while loop

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