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Linphone for iPhone is not receiving calls when it goes to the background mode

I have integrated the

sdk in my app.When my app goes to the background mode, my app is not getting any incoming calls. I want to make work my app as like
when it goes to the background mode.

I have added required background modes in info.plist.

Application does not run in background - NO
Required background modes
item 1 App provides Voice over IP services

I have implemented following method in
, still I'm facing same issue.


Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

It does not work in UDP mode, if your SIP server can be switched to TCP mode it should work (eg: for asterisk use transport=tcp in your sip.conf). It seems that IOS does not allow UDP traffic in background mode.

I recommend you to switch to SIP TCP/TLS for having background mode working on Linphone for IOS.

The only way to workaround this UDP problem is to force the iphone to stay live by creating a long running background task. The result is that the device never suspends, which drains the battery very fast.

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