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Java jdb remote debugging command line tool

anyone have any experience using this?
if so, is it worth while?

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I just used jdb for the first time yesterday and am really pleased with the results. You see, I program in Eclipse on my laptop, then deploy to a VM to make sure the whole shebang still works. Very occasionaly, I'll have to work on something that gets executed standalone, as a commandline. These things sometimes need debugging.

This has always been a problem, because I don't want to go to the trouble of installing Eclipse on the VM (it's slow enough already!), yet I don't know of an easy way to get it to connect to my commandline-running class before it finishes running.

jdb to the rescue! It works a treat - small and functional, almost to the point where it is bare... this forces you to apply your mind more than you apply the tool (like I said here).

Make sure to print out the reference (solaris, windows, java 1.5 - I think they're all about the same, really) and have your source code open and browsable on your second screen. I hope you have a second screen, or you'll be alt-tabbing a lot.

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