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Java Question

Type List vs type ArrayList in Java

(1) List<?> myList = new ArrayList<?>();

(2) ArrayList<?> myList = new ArrayList<?>();

I understand that with (1), implementations of the List interface can be swapped. It seems that (1) is typically used in an application regardless of need (myself I always use this). I am wondering if anyone uses (2)? Also, how often (and can I please get an example) does the situation actually require using (1) over (2) (i.e. where (2) wouldn't suffice..aside 'coding to interfaces' and best practices etc.)


Answer Source

Almost always the first one is preferred over the second one. The first has the advantage that the implementation of the List can change (to a LinkedList for example), without affecting the rest of the code. This will be a difficult task to do with an ArrayList, not only because you will need to change ArrayList to LinkedList everywhere, but also because you may have used ArrayList specific methods.

You can read about List implementations here. You may start with an ArrayList, but soon afterwards discover that another implementation is more appropriate.

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