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Is it possible to disable floating headers in UITableView with UITableViewStylePlain?

I'm using a UITableView to layout content 'pages'. I'm using the headers of the table view to layout certain images etc. and I'd prefer it if they didn't float but stayed static as they do when the style is set to UITableViewStyleGrouped.

Other then using UITableViewStyleGrouped, is there a way to do this? I'd like to avoid using grouped as it adds a margin down all my cells and requires disabling of the background view for each of the cells. I'd like full control of my layout. Ideally they'd be a UITableViewStyleBareBones, but I didn't see that option in the docs...

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You should be able to fake this by using a custom cell to do your header rows. These will then scroll like any other cell in the table view.

You just need to add some logic in your cellForRowAtIndexPath to return the right cell type when it is a header row.

You'll probably have to manage your sections yourself though, i.e. have everything in one section and fake the headers. (You could also try returning a hidden view for the header view, but I don't know if that will work)

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