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Insert pandas chart into an Excel file using XlsxWriter

I use python 3.4, pandas 0.14.1 and XlsxWriter 0.5.6.
I create a graph called 'graph' using pandas with the following code


, which produces a beautiful histogram.

Now, how do I insert that graph into an Excel file using XlsxWriter?

I tried the XlsxWriter method


but this creates a graph in Excel, not what I want.


Answer Source

If you would like to export Pandas data as charts in Excel using XlsxWriter then have a look at the following how-to (that I wrote): Using Pandas and XlsxWriter to create Excel charts.

enter image description here

If on the other hand you want the matplotlib style charts generated by Pandas then export them as images and insert them into a worksheet using the XlsxWriter insert_image() method.

See also Working with Python Pandas and XlsxWriter.

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