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Cygwin issue when trying to run phpunit within Yii2

I'm trying to run

within a Yii2 basic installation but whenever I run
php vendor/bin/phpunit
from the command line I get this output:

Note: I am on Windows 7.

dir=$(d=${0%[/\\]*}; cd "$d"; cd "../phpunit/phpunit" && pwd)

# See if we are running in Cygwin by checking for cygpath program
if command -v 'cygpath' >/dev/null 2>&1; then
# Cygwin paths start with /cygdrive/ which will break windows PHP,
# so we need to translate the dir path to windows format. However
# we could be using cygwin PHP which does not require this, so we
# test if the path to PHP starts with /cygdrive/ rather than /usr/bin
if [[ $(which php) == /cygdrive/* ]]; then
dir=$(cygpath -m "$dir");

dir=$(echo $dir | sed 's/ /\ /g')
"${dir}/phpunit" "$@"

Can anyone advise what the issue is here? I haven't used
before so unsure what is happening.

Answer Source

Well, it was an obvious solution:

File vendor/bin/phpunit is not PHP script, but shell script.

Remove php from the start and simply run vendor/bin/phpunit.


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