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JSON Question

Marshall JSON Slice to valid JSON

I'm building a REST API using Golang but I'm having some troubles trying to correctly Marshalling a Json Slice. I've been scratching my head for a while now, even after looking to several questions and answer and on the web.

Essentially, I have a Redis client that called after a call

-X GET /todo/
spits up a slice of

[{"content":"test6","id":"46"} {"content":"test5","id":"45"}] //[]string

Now, I want to return a given
based on the fact that I found
or not, so I have a

type Response struct {
Status string
Data []string

Then, If I found some
I just
a json with

if(len(todos) > 0){
res := SliceResponse{"Ok", todos}
response, _ = json.Marshal(res)

And, In order to remove unnecessary
inside the response, I use

response = bytes.Replace(response, []byte("\\"), []byte(""), -1)

Finally, getting

"Status" : "Ok",
"Data" : [

As you can see each
before each
and after each
, excluding the first and the last ones, are clearly wrong.
While the correct JSON would be

"Status": "Ok",
"Data": [{
"content ": "test6",
"id ": "46"
}, {
"content ": "test5",
"id ": "45"

I successfully managed to get them off by finding their index and trim them off and
also with regex but I was wondering.

Is there a clean and better way to achieve that?

Answer Source

Whenever possible you should marshal from go objects that match your desired json. I'd recommend parsing the json from redis:

type Response struct {
    Status string
    Data   []*Info

type Info struct {
    Content string `json:"content"`
    ID      string `json:"id"`

func main() {
    r := &Response{Status: "OK"}
    for _, d := range data {
        info := &Info{}
        json.Unmarshal([]byte(d), info)
        //handle error
        r.Data = append(r.Data, info)
    dat, _ := json.Marshal(r)

Playground Link

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