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CSS Question

What are the device-width css viewport sizes of the iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were just announced. But as usual, phone specs never give the meta viewport

sizes in CSS Pixels or DPR at

Predictions have been made, speculating on 375/414px viewport width, but that still remains unclear...

NB: Please don't speculate or post answers with the known overall device resolution or specs, it's not what I am looking for. I want the default responsive portrait and landscape viewport-width in pixels.

Answer Source

(css) device-width of iPhone 6 is 375px, of iPhone 6 Plus is 414px. Note that iPhone 6 Plus report window.devicePixelRatio = 3 (while not truly at 3 DPR)

Update 1: just to clarify, I believe this is NOT a prediction, but actually tested. See more detailed and reputable reference. If in doubt, you can wait for device to be out.

Update 2: for users with Display Zoom enabled on iPhone 6, css viewport in Mobile Safari fallback to 320px (like iPhone 5); for iPhone 6 Plus, it fallback to 375px (like iPhone 6).

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