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Beamer org-mode: pause between blocks, overlays, uncover blocks

I just try to make two blocks in the same frame to be displayed one at a time, same frame, but beamer should generate 2 slides.
I cannot figure out how. The documentation at orgmode is not enough for me.

I would be very grateful to understand how to pause a slide at some point, same as with

in Pandoc if possible. I am not sure if this is possible at all in org mode with beamer.

My example below:

I have something like this and I want each of the cols displayed at one time. My settings are
for the frame level.

*** Continuous integration with Jenkins
:BEAMER_env: theorem
**** Jenkins
:BEAMER_col: 0.65
**** Jenkins
:BEAMER_col: 0.35
#+ATTR_BEAMER: :overlay +-
- contiuosly building
- latest failure
- latest success
- build durations

The example at "3.4 Using Babel" from adjusted to my needs (changed frame level) seems not to work either.

Answer Source

Using #+BEAMER: \pause anywhere in a slide will pause the slide. That worked for me.

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