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android, How to rename a file?

In my application, I need to record video. Before start of recording in I'm assigning a name and directory to it. After recording is finished user has ability to rename his file. I wrote following code but seem it doesn't work.

When user enters name of file and click on button I'll do this:

private void setFileName(String text) {
String currentFileName = videoURI.substring(videoURI.lastIndexOf("/"), videoURI.length());
currentFileName = currentFileName.substring(1);
Log.i("Current file name", currentFileName);

File directory = new File(Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory(Environment.DIRECTORY_MOVIES), MEDIA_NAME);
File from = new File(directory, "currentFileName");
File to = new File(directory, text.trim() + ".mp4");
Log.i("Directory is", directory.toString());
Log.i("Default path is", videoURI.toString());
Log.i("From path is", from.toString());
Log.i("To path is", to.toString());

Text: is the name which is entered by user.
Current Filename: is the name which is assigned by me before recording
MEDIA_NAME: name of folder

Logcat shows this:

05-03 11:56:37.295: I/Current file name(12866): Mania-Karaoke_20120503_115528.mp4
05-03 11:56:37.295: I/Directory is(12866): /mnt/sdcard/Movies/Mania-Karaoke
05-03 11:56:37.295: I/Default path is(12866): /mnt/sdcard/Movies/Mania-Karaoke/Mania-Karaoke_20120503_115528.mp4
05-03 11:56:37.295: I/From path is(12866): /mnt/sdcard/Movies/Mania-Karaoke/currentFileName
05-03 11:56:37.295: I/To path is(12866): /mnt/sdcard/Movies/Mania-Karaoke/hesam.mp4

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Answer Source

The problem is in this line,

File from = new File(directory, "currentFileName");

Here currentFileName is actually a String you dont have to use "

try it this way,

File from      = new File(directory, currentFileName  );
                                    ^               ^         //You dont need quotes
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