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how to handle middleware by request action and trigger success action in react+redux?

I am learning ReactJS by a movie finder app using reactJS+redux. I am putting my github repo here:


I am creating one action called getMovieSearch that will return the requested data in component as well as make an api call (api call file is in
). After fetching data into api file I am passing that dta to my successAction named getMovieList and after that I am returning the same into my reducer movieGetReducer. All of these steps are working fine but my store is not getting updated.

I got one alternate solution that getMovieSearch will make following call:

export var getMovieSearch = (payload) => {
const request= axios.get("http://www.omdbapi.com/?t="+ payload+ "&page=1");
console.log("data from api :", request)
return {
payload: request

It is going to my middleware and working fine but I want to seperate actions for request / successResponse / errorResponse for my learning app.

If someone can correct the same then it will great.


Answer Source

You can use redux-thunk. A common pattern for async actions is that you create 3 actions: request, receive (success) and failed.


export var getMovieSearch = (payload) => (dispatch) => {
  axios.get("http://www.omdbapi.com/?t=" + payload + "&page=1")
    .then(res => dispatch(receiveMovieList(res.data)))
    .catch(err => dispatch(getMovieListFailed(err)))
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