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Is Qt Jambi dead?

I know they announced in February that it was going to transition to a community-developed model over the next year... but right now, I can't find it on their website, at all, let alone version 4.5 that was supposed to be released this month.

I am about to embark on the GUI portion of a major project, and while I had considered using Qt Jambi, I am hesitant to create a major dependency on a product that has apparently been abandoned. Does anyone know the real status of this? Should I give up and use Swing?

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There is a mailing list for Jambi that appears to still be active. You can view some recent posts about this topic in the archives. There is one response that appears to be from a trolltech employee about the future of Jambi but It doesn't really seem to say much more than their press release does.

Tue Mar 10 14:37:29 CET 2009:

We are hoping that a community of contributors will develop for the coming year, and will try to help make that happen. After that year has gone by, neither of us will be able to spend time on this project at work. But if there is a thriving community at that point, I wouldn't expect either of us to disappear completely either :-)

We have spent some time on this project, and we definitely wish to see it succeed out in the wild. But, as you say, we cannot commit to anything beyond what we have spare time for.

A year is a long time in terms of spare time, so right now I'll only say that I hope there's still interest in a year, and I hope I get the chance to help out. :-)

-- Eskil

There is another post where they mention that they are still expecting a release soon. The latest code can be found here.

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