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Javascript Question

convert 12-hour hh:mm AM/PM to 24-hour hh:mm

is there any simple way to convert 12-hour hh:mm AM/PM to 24-hour hh:mm using jquery?

note: no using of other libraries.

i have a

var time = $("#starttime").val()
that returns a hh:mm AM/PM.

Answer Source

Try this

var time = $("#starttime").val();
var hours = Number(time.match(/^(\d+)/)[1]);
var minutes = Number(time.match(/:(\d+)/)[1]);
var AMPM = time.match(/\s(.*)$/)[1];
if(AMPM == "PM" && hours<12) hours = hours+12;
if(AMPM == "AM" && hours==12) hours = hours-12;
var sHours = hours.toString();
var sMinutes = minutes.toString();
if(hours<10) sHours = "0" + sHours;
if(minutes<10) sMinutes = "0" + sMinutes;
alert(sHours + ":" + sMinutes);
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