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Method_missing not running when it should

I have a Team class in my program and I am trying to use method_missing
but instead of running the function when the method doesn't exist, it gives me an error:"undefined method `hawks' for Team:Class (NoMethodError)"

My code is as follows:

class Team
attr_accessor :cust_roster, :cust_total_per, :cust_name, :cust_best_player
@@teams = []
def initialize(stats = {})
@cust_roster = stats.fetch(:roster) || []
@cust_total_per = stats.fetch(:per)
@cust_name = stats.fetch(:name)
@cust_best_player = stats.fetch(:best)
@@teams << self

def method_missing(methId)
str = methID.id2name
Team.new(roster:[], per: 0, name: str.uppercase, best: 0)


class <<self
def all_teams

hawks = Team.hawks

Answer Source

There are a number of problems with your code. Lets go through one by one.

From the documentation,

method_missing(*args) private Invoked by Ruby when obj is sent a message it cannot handle.

Here message refers to the method. In ruby, whenever you're calling a method on an object, you're actually sending a message to the object

To better understand this, try this in irb console.

=> 3
=> 3

Here 1 and 2 are objects of Fixnum class. You can confirm that by using 1.class. Ok, back to your question. So, a method_missing method should be called on an instance. When you do

team = Team.new

If you try this, you'll get an error saying ``fetch': key not found: :roster (KeyError)`

You can get around this by passing a default value as the second parameter to fetch method. Replace your initialize method with

def initialize(stats = {})
  @cust_roster = stats.fetch(:roster, [])
  @cust_total_per = stats.fetch(:per, 0)
  @cust_name = stats.fetch(:name, "anon")
  @cust_best_player = stats.fetch(:best, "anon")
  @@teams << self


If you execute the script, you'll get a stack level too deep (SystemStackError) because of a small typo in this line.

str = methID.id2name

In the method definition, you're receiving an argument with the name of methId but inside you're trying to call methID. Fix it with

str = methId.id2name

If you execute your script, you'll again get an error saying undefined method uppercase for "hawks":String (NoMethodError)

This is because there is no uppercase method on strings. You should instead use the upcase method.

Team.new(roster:[], per: 0, name: str.uppercase, best: 0)

and you should be good to go.

For more, see http://apidock.com/ruby/BasicObject/method_missing

Hope this helps!

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