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How can be included a blocking factor in makeClassifTask function from mrl package?

In some classification task, using

package, I need to deal with a
similar to this one:

# Dummy data frame
df <- data.frame(
# Repeated values ID
ID = sort(sample(c(0:20), 100, replace = TRUE)),
# Some variables
X1 = runif(10, 1, 10),
# Some Label
Label = sample(c(0,1), 100, replace = TRUE)

I need to cross-validate the model keeping together the values with the same
, I know from the tutorial that:


We could include a blocking factor in the task. This would indicate that some observations "belong together" and should not be separated when splitting the data into training and test sets for resampling.

The question is how can I include this blocking factor in the

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any example.

Answer Source

What version of mlr do you have? Blocking should be part of it since a while. You can find it directly as an argument in makeClassifTask

Here is an example for your data:

df$ID = as.factor(df$ID)
df2 = df
df2$ID = NULL
df2$Label = as.factor(df$Label)
tsk = makeClassifTask(data = df2, target = "Label", blocking = df$ID)
res = resample("classif.rpart", tsk, resampling = cv10)

# to prove-check that blocking worked
lapply(1:10, function(i) {
  blocks.training = df$ID[res$pred$instance$train.inds[[i]]]
  blocks.testing = df$ID[res$pred$instance$test.inds[[i]]]
  intersect(blocks.testing, blocks.training)
#all entries are empty, blocking indeed works! 
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