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What's wrong with my browser JavaScript engine on jsbin.com?

I am new to JavaScript. I am trying to add text into a

tag and targeting it using the ID. Now, using the
, when I set the text that contains the
word, it returns the original text in the

document.getElementById('text').innerHTML='as I add??? do';

<p id="text" class="abc">Hello</p>

It is happening only with the
word in between.
Here's a GIF explaining the issue:

enter image description here

I hope I am doing this right. But, there might be some quirk that is messing with me.

Answer Source

As commented by Juhana and jsbin member on github, it's a false positive, this can be achieved by adding // noprotect in the code.


document.getElementById('abc').innerHTML = 'this is abc do '; 

// noprotect

p.s. As of now it's to work around to loop protection, until it's get fixed.

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