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Javascript Question

How to downgrade this node.js module to specific version and prevent automatic upgrade later?

I am using node.js Nodemailer module and encountered the following error;

[Error: Unsupported configuration, downgrade Nodemailer to v0.7.1 or
see the migration guide]

I looked at my package.json and realize that it is
"nodemailer": "^1.8.0",

How do I downgrade to v0.7.1 and prevent automatic upgrade later when I run
npm update

Answer Source

If you need exactly v0.7.1, use "nodemailer": "0.7.1", delete nodemailer under node_modules and run npm install again.

Another way to do this is to run the command:

npm remove nodemailer
npm install nodemailer@0.7.1 --save
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