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R fill values depending on combination

I have a list of several (variable) number of letters in combination, for example this:

vec = c("a", "b", "c")
comb = unlist(lapply(1:length(vec), combn, x = vec, simplify = FALSE), recursive = FALSE)
# this creates all the combinations of the vector I am interested in, i.e. for three letters:
# a b c ab ac bc abc

For each combination, I am trying to fill elements depending on the position, into vectors with the same length as the number of vectors. So I am trying to get:

a = 200
b = 020
c = 002
ab = 220
ac = 202
bc = 022
abc = 222

Right now I am trying with loops replacing each element of an array i,j but since all values are "2" there must be a more efficient way to do this?
Thanks so much!!

Answer Source

Starting just from vec, you can do...

comb_cases =, lapply(vec, function(x) c("", x)))

  Var1 Var2 Var3
2    a          
3         b     
4    a    b     
5              c
6    a         c
7         b    c
8    a    b    c

There's a blank row for the empty set, as there probably should be.

From here...

comb =, comb_cases)
# [1] ""    "a"   "b"   "ab"  "c"   "ac"  "bc"  "abc", split( ifelse(nchar(as.matrix(comb_cases)), 2, 0), col(comb_cases)) )
# [1] "000" "200" "020" "220" "002" "202" "022" "222"

ifelse is slow, but that can be fixed up later if it matters.

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