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Linux Question

send mail from linux terminal in one line

I know there is the command

in linux to send emails via command line. How can I send an simple email with one line from the terminal though?

For example:

mail [subject] [body]

And have the email sent without any confirmation or prompts to the user?

The reason is, I want to send a brief message via email to myself when a specific event happens in a
program. The idea is that I will use
… etc. to send the
mail command
from my

I used
to do something similar in the past, but the current implementation doesn't use
, so I need to try this out instead.

Answer Source

mail can represent quite a couple of programs on a linux system. What you want behind it is either sendmail or postfix. I recommend the latter.

You can install it via your favorite package manager. Then you have to configure it, and once you have done that, you can send email like this:

 echo "My message" | mail -s subject

See the manual for more information.

As far as configuring postfix goes, there's plenty of articles on the internet on how to do it. Unless you're on a public server with a registered domain, you generally want to forward the email to a SMTP server that you can send email from.

For gmail, for example, follow or any other similar tutorial.

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