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reST (reStructuredText) Question

How to create a user in the Moodle Rest WS using the Python Requests module?

I'm trying to create a user using the Moodle Webservices - Rest Server, but I'm stuck at the validation of the params :S My code is the following:

import requests

function = 'core_user_create_users'

url = 'http://localhost/webservice/rest/server.php?wstoken={0}&wsfunction={1}&moodlewsformat=json'.format(token,function)

user1 = {'email': '','firstname': 'firstname',
'lastname': 'lastname', 'createpassword': 1,
'username': 'username'}

Then, I try to post the data (two different ways):,data={'users': user1}),data={'users': [user1,]})

And moodle keeping return the error:

Only arrays accepted. The bad value is: \'username\'</DEBUGINFO>

In the documentation (available from the own moodle), its stated:

users (Obrigatório)

Estrutura geral

list of (
object {
username string //Username policy is defined in Moodle security config.
password string Opcional //Plain text password consisting of any characters
createpassword int Opcional //True if password should be created and mailed to user.
firstname string //The first name(s) of the user
lastname string //The family name of the user
email string //A valid and unique email address
auth string Padrão para "manual" //Auth plugins include manual, ldap, imap, etc
idnumber string Padrão para "" //An arbitrary ID code number perhaps from the institution
lang string Padrão para "pt_br" //Language code such as "en", must exist on server
calendartype string Padrão para "gregorian" //Calendar type such as "gregorian", must exist on server
theme string Opcional //Theme name such as "standard", must exist on server
timezone string Opcional //Timezone code such as Australia/Perth, or 99 for default
mailformat int Opcional //Mail format code is 0 for plain text, 1 for HTML etc
description string Opcional //User profile description, no HTML
city string Opcional //Home city of the user
country string Opcional //Home country code of the user, such as AU or CZ
firstnamephonetic string Opcional //The first name(s) phonetically of the user
lastnamephonetic string Opcional //The family name phonetically of the user
middlename string Opcional //The middle name of the user
alternatename string Opcional //The alternate name of the user
preferences Opcional //User preferences
list of (
object {
type string //The name of the preference
value string //The value of the preference
)customfields Opcional //User custom fields (also known as user profil fields)
list of (
object {
type string //The name of the custom field
value string //The value of the custom field

So, with this in mind, how can I create a Moodle user using python requests module? Whats wrong with the data that has been passed?


To use REST service in Moodle, parameters to function has to be formated in a flat dictionary. The structure of the arguments reflects in names of the keys. In your example, you have one argument courses which is a list. So keys of your dictionary will be courses[0]email, courses[0]firstname, ... for the first user, and courses[1]email, courses[1]firstname, ... for the second and so on

users = {'users[0]email': '',
         'users[0]firstname': 'firstname',
         'users[0]lastname': 'lastname', 
         'users[0]createpassword': 1,
         'users[0]username': 'username'},data=users)