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How to create a user in the Moodle Rest WS using the Python Requests module?

I'm trying to create a user using the Moodle Webservices - Rest Server, but I'm stuck at the validation of the params :S My code is the following:

import requests

function = 'core_user_create_users'

url = 'http://localhost/webservice/rest/server.php?wstoken={0}&wsfunction={1}&moodlewsformat=json'.format(token,function)

user1 = {'email': '','firstname': 'firstname',
'lastname': 'lastname', 'createpassword': 1,
'username': 'username'}

Then, I try to post the data (two different ways):,data={'users': user1}),data={'users': [user1,]})

And moodle keeping return the error:

Only arrays accepted. The bad value is: \'username\'</DEBUGINFO>

In the documentation (available from the own moodle), its stated:

users (Obrigatório)

Estrutura geral

list of (
object {
username string //Username policy is defined in Moodle security config.
password string Opcional //Plain text password consisting of any characters
createpassword int Opcional //True if password should be created and mailed to user.
firstname string //The first name(s) of the user
lastname string //The family name of the user
email string //A valid and unique email address
auth string Padrão para "manual" //Auth plugins include manual, ldap, imap, etc
idnumber string Padrão para "" //An arbitrary ID code number perhaps from the institution
lang string Padrão para "pt_br" //Language code such as "en", must exist on server
calendartype string Padrão para "gregorian" //Calendar type such as "gregorian", must exist on server
theme string Opcional //Theme name such as "standard", must exist on server
timezone string Opcional //Timezone code such as Australia/Perth, or 99 for default
mailformat int Opcional //Mail format code is 0 for plain text, 1 for HTML etc
description string Opcional //User profile description, no HTML
city string Opcional //Home city of the user
country string Opcional //Home country code of the user, such as AU or CZ
firstnamephonetic string Opcional //The first name(s) phonetically of the user
lastnamephonetic string Opcional //The family name phonetically of the user
middlename string Opcional //The middle name of the user
alternatename string Opcional //The alternate name of the user
preferences Opcional //User preferences
list of (
object {
type string //The name of the preference
value string //The value of the preference
)customfields Opcional //User custom fields (also known as user profil fields)
list of (
object {
type string //The name of the custom field
value string //The value of the custom field

So, with this in mind, how can I create a Moodle user using python requests module? Whats wrong with the data that has been passed?

Answer Source

To use REST service in Moodle, parameters to function has to be formated in a flat dictionary. The structure of the arguments reflects in names of the keys. In your example, you have one argument courses which is a list. So keys of your dictionary will be courses[0]email, courses[0]firstname, ... for the first user, and courses[1]email, courses[1]firstname, ... for the second and so on

users = {'users[0]email': '',
         'users[0]firstname': 'firstname',
         'users[0]lastname': 'lastname', 
         'users[0]createpassword': 1,
         'users[0]username': 'username'},data=users)
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