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Using grpc in maven

Does anyone know how to compile *.proto files for grpc application in maven?

This is how I'm compiling protobuf in maven - (old way, using installed protoc compiler, excerpt from pom.xml):


<!-- protocol buffers runner, requires protoc -->
<mkdir dir="target/generated-sources/java" />

<exec executable="protoc">
<arg value="--java_out=target/generated-sources/java" />
<arg value="src/main/protobuf/hello.proto" />

I wonder if something similar is possible for grpc. From what I understand I need to somehow connect protoc-gen-grpc-java plugin with protobuf, but I'm not sure how to do that.

UPDATE: For those who interested I created a fully working example of client-server app using maven on github.

Answer Source

I'd highly recommend using protobuf-maven-plugin as described in the grpc-java README.

If you really want to do it manually, you can download protoc-gen-grpc-java from Maven Central and add another <arg> for the exec of protoc: --plugin=protoc-gen-grpc-java=path/to/protoc-gen-grpc-java

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