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Git Question

Automatically add .gitignore and hooks on git init

Is there a way to tell git to automatically create/populate .gitignore and certain files in the .git/hooks folder every time

git init
is run on a certain machine? Maybe a global config somewhere?

We have symlinks that need to be ignored across the board, as well as pre-receive and post-receive hooks that need to be set up for every repo, so this would be easier than doing it manually for each one.


Answer Source

You can achieve this using a git template directory

git config --global init.templatedir /path/to/template

You can then add files to the folder /path/to/template/hooks and they will be automatically copied to the .git/hooks folder on git init

You can place the .gitignore contents you want in a file you name exclude in the folder /path/to/template/info. Then it will effectively be a .gitignore file in all new repositories created by git init

If you are on unix, there is even a default template directory /usr/share/git-core/templates

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