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How to make a dynamic framework(Swift) based on two static libraries using Cocoapods

I want to make a dynamic framework that incorporates two 3-rd party frameworks with static libraries and later add it as a pod to my project.
Here are their podspec files

I tried to add them as
in my podspec file but got following error
Pods error - target has transitive dependencies that include static binaries

Tried to include them as
but got following and can't make workaround with the given solution.

Could you help with the direction how I can deal with it and later I'll
post some test project to look at the issue closer. Now I simply have so many different test projects that don't work that I don't even know what to post to Github to show.

In most of my attempts I ended up not being able to use Import IndoorsSDK/IndoorAtlas in my framework swift files because "No such module" error.

Appreciate any help.

Answer Source

Finally, I've found the solution. So, in case someone run into similar issue, I post it here.

My podspec file except other lines contains following

#// one library added as dependency, another as vendored_frameworks
#// because it lacks modulemap, so it was added manually to IndooRS framework
spec.dependency 'IndoorAtlas'
spec.vendored_frameworks = 'SKNavigation/Frameworks/IndoorsSDK.framework'

#// following lines fix linking issues so our pod would see dependency modules
spec.pod_target_xcconfig = {
    'FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS' => '$(inherited) $(SRCROOT)/**',
    'OTHER_LDFLAGS' => '$(inherited) -undefined dynamic_lookup'

And modulemap, that was added to the Framework that lacked it

module IndoorsSDK [system] {
    header "Headers/IndoorsSDK.h"
    header "Headers/Indoors.h"
    export *
    link framework "CoreMotion"
    link framework "CoreBluetooth"
    link "c++"

The latest point, podfile should contain following to hide transitive dependencies error.

pre_install do |installer|
    def installer.verify_no_static_framework_transitive_dependencies; end

And that's probably all.

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