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PHP: Check who had read sent email?

I am sending email to some users and wants to know who had read it, means if some one had read that email then a log file will maintain which contain the email address of that user with date/time/IP.
For this I send a javascript function with the email (html template) which just alert the email address of the user when ever a user opens that email like:

for($n=0; $n<sizeof($checkBox); $n++){
$mail = new PHPMailer();
$mail->Subject = $subject;
$function = "<script language='javascript'>function stats(emailId){alert(emailId);}</script>";
$bodyOpen = "<body onload='stats(".$checkBox[$n].");'>";
$msg_body .= $body .= "<table><tr><td>Hello Everyone</td></tr></table></body>";
$mail->Body = $function.$bodyOpen.$msg_body;
$mail->WordWrap = 50;
$mail->FromName = 'Muhammad Sajid';
$mail->From = '';
$sent = $mail->Send();

the html template works fine and shows an alert popup on page load but it does not works if I use to send this html template.

And I only want to solve this issue using PHP5.x.x / javascript, no other software or third party tool.
Any help..?

Answer Source

Add Header to email:


As mentioned above it's not reliable and it's better to do something like this:

<img src="<email of receiver>" />

And log it in a database, although again this is restricted by the email client's ability to show images and sometimes it may even put the mail into junk because it doesn't detect an image... a workaround that would be to actually outputting an image (say your logo) at the end of that script.

Edit: A quick lookup at the phpmailer class gave me the following:

$mail->ConfirmReadingTo = '';

but it's the same as the Disposition-Notification-To method above.

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