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Python Question

Convert from decimal to Binary function

I tried creating a function to convert to binary the long way but i keep getting a very basic error that i can't seem to figure out. Would appreciate an extra pair of eyes.

def convert_to_binary(n):

if (-1.0 < n < 256.0):
number_list = []
while (n != 0):
rem = n % 2
n = n // 2

new_list = number_list[::-1]
print("".join(str(x) for x in new_list))

print("Invalid input")

the error i keep getting is:

File "", line 13
else :
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I'd really appreciate any feedback. Thanks

Answer Source
def convert_to_binary(n):
   if (-1.0 < n < 256.0):
      print '{0:b}'.format(n)
      print("Invalid input")
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