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CSS Question

How do I make an email form in html that allows users to type a message then, in a new window, prompts them to send the message?

I want the user to input the message they want to send in a form, but after they click send, it brings up their email for them to send.

The only reason for this is because I don't have a server.

Is this possible?


Answer Source

According to this question, you can do it with Javascript:

function sendMail() {
    var link = "mailto:me@example.com"
             + "?cc=myCCaddress@example.com"
             + "&subject=" + escape("This is my subject")
             + "&body=" + escape(document.getElementById('myText').value)

    window.location.href = link;
<textarea id="myText">Lorem ipsum...</textarea>
<button onclick="sendMail(); return false">Send</button>

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