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Javascript Question

Dynatree does not reload with new nodes programatically

I am loading the dynatree programitically when the page loads as follows

function loadTree(data)
var rootNode = $("#tree").dynatree("getRoot");
$.each(data, function () {
var childNode = rootNode.addChild({
title: this.agent_code + ' - ' + this.holder_name,
tooltip: this.holder_name,
isFolder: true,

Now after i retrieve new data from the server and wants to load with new nodes it does not remove the old node.

function reload(data)

The above code removes only a single node. What am i missing here.
Thanks in advance

i tried with a workaround through the following code

function reload(data)
$('#test').html('<div id="tree"></div>');
$('#tree').dynatree(); //reinitialize the tree

It does reload but then cannot populate the child nodes through lazyloading

Answer Source

This will remove all the nodes that you have added during the initial load:

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