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Android Question

Getting months as 01,02 instead of 1,2

I am working with the Calender class and more specifically I need to get back all 12 months as two numbers.

If I use the following code:

int month = (myCalendar.get(Calendar.MONTH)) +1;

This is what I get for the different months:

But what I really need is:

This is beacuse I need to make substrings and it will go wrong if the number of ints I get.
Is there an easy way to fix this?

I could use an if statement and check if the whole date is just 5 numbers, then add a zero and the 3 position, but it feels cumberstone.

Answer Source

The reason it is loading as "1" instead of "01" is because it is stored in an int, do the following if statement:

String sMonth = "";
if (month < 10) {
    sMonth = "0"+String.valueOf(month);
} else {
    sMonth = String.valueOf(month);

Then use sMonth instead of month.

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