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Swift Question

Core Data fetch entities with only unique attributes

I have an Entity "Person" with following attributes:




I created numbers of objects:

(Ben,    Black,    18)

(John,  Smith,    19)

(Ivan,   Borzov,   18)

(Den,   Balan,     20)

(Kent,  Broman,  20)

How to receive array or any other way to build a table with only unique ages [18,19,20]

Please provide answer in Swift.

P.S. Of course I can fetch all objects, and search for unique manually, but I hope for better solution)

Thank you!

Answer Source

You can both propertiesToFetch and returnsDistinctResults properties of NSFetchRequest to get distinct result of ages across all entities.


    let fetchRequest = NSFetchRequest(entityName: "YourEntity")
    fetchRequest.resultType = .DictionaryResultType
    fetchRequest.propertiesToFetch = ["age"]
    fetchRequest.returnsDistinctResults = true
    let result = try! managedObjectContext.executeFetchRequest(fetchRequest)
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