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Android Question

Cutting the corners off a layout

I have a layout in android that needs to be a certain shape, i.e. this:
rectangle with clipped corners

where the corners are cut off. Is there a way of doing this programatically without setting the background of the layout to the image?
I'm looking to keep the app size as small as possible so minimising the number of drawables in the app is a must.

Answer Source
import android.graphics.Canvas;
import android.graphics.Color;
import android.graphics.Paint;
import android.graphics.Path;
import android.graphics.drawable.shapes.Shape;

public class WeirdShape extends Shape {
    private static final int    COLOUR       = Color.BLACK;
    private static final float  STROKE_WIDTH = 1.0f;
    private static final float  CORNER = 35.0f;

    private final Paint border = new Paint();
    private final Path  path;  

    public WeirdShape() {
       path   = new Path();

        border.setColor      (COLOUR);
        border.setStyle      (Paint.Style.FILL);
        border.setAntiAlias  (true);
        border.setDither     (true);
        border.setStrokeJoin (Paint.Join.ROUND);  
        border.setStrokeCap  (Paint.Cap.ROUND);  

    protected void onResize(float width, float height) {
        super.onResize(width, height);

        float dx = STROKE_WIDTH/2.0f;
        float dy = STROKE_WIDTH/2.0f;
        float x  = dx;
        float y  = dy;
        float w  = width  - dx;
        float h  = height - dy;

        //RectF arc = new RectF(x,h-2*CORNER,x+2*CORNER,h);

        path.moveTo(x + CORNER,y);
        path.lineTo(w - CORNER,y);
        path.lineTo(w,y + CORNER);
        path.lineTo(w, h);
        path.lineTo(x + CORNER,h);
       // path.arcTo (arc,90.0f,90.0f);
        path.lineTo(dx,h - CORNER);
        path.lineTo(dx,y);//path.lineTo(dx,y + CORNER);

    public void draw(Canvas canvas, Paint paint) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub

and then use the custom Shape in a ShapeDrawable as the background Drawable:

view.setBackground(new ShapeDrawable(new WeirdShape()));

Which looks something like:

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