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Make a method report progress in Winform C#

I have two classes, form1.cs and test.cs

Form1.cs calls some public method in test.cs. Is it possible to somehow make the program report the progress?

For example,

In Form1.cs


In test.cs

public void CallTestMethod()
// Read excel file line by line (~5000 lines)
// I used double for loops to iterate row and col

I know how to report progress if the method is in the form element, but how would I report progress if im calling an external method? Is it even possible?


Answer Source

You're going to need CallTestMethod() to execute in a non-UI thread. give it a parameter Action<double> reportProgressPercent. Have it call reportProgressPercent as appropriate. When Form1 calls CallTestMethod(), have it pass in an appropriate lambda that invokes into the UI thread to report progress.

public void CallTestMethod(Action<double> reportProgressPcnt)
    foreach (var blah in whatever)
        foreach (var foo in innerLoopWhatever)
            //  do stuff. On every nth iteration or whatever, figure out what 
            //  your completed percentage is and pass it to reportProgressPcnt
            double progress = (curRow / totalRows) * 100;


progBar1.Maximum = 100;
progBar1.Step = 1;

Task.Run(() => {
    test.CallTestMethod(pcnt => {
        Invoke(new Action(() => progBar1.Value = (int)pcnt));

If you want to report progress in some other way, change the parameters to your Action; for example:

public void CallTestMethod(Action<int, int> reportCurrentRowAndColumn)
    int curRow = 0;
    int curCol = 0;

    //...blah blah loop stuff, update values of curRow & curCol as needed...
            reportCurrentRowAndColumn(curRow, curCol);

Then maybe your Action could update a pair of labels displaying current row and current column.

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