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How to join two tables with ssp.class.php

I started using DataTables Table plug-in for jQuery and got some problems. I am using example code from here.

I have MySQL table witch looks like that:

id | name | father_id

value in same table only in different row. So if I want to know father name i have to search in same table
WHERE id = father_id
. But what DataTable does it just show the contents of MySQL table as it is.

In my DataTable i want to show data like that:

id | name | father_name | father_id

So when DataTable takes data from MySQL table, but before it creates table I want to change column value which at that time is value of
in the same row in MySQL. I want too add
by searching for it with particular

Answer Source

As PaulF pointed out, you need to use JOIN or sub-query to retrieve father's name from the same table.

I assume you're using ssp.class.php to process your data on the server-side based on the example you've mentioned.

Class ssp.class.php doesn't support joins and sub-queries, but there is a workaround. The trick is to use sub-query as shown below in $table definition. Replace table with your actual table name in the sub-query.

$table = <<<EOT
      a.father_id, AS father_name
    FROM table a
    LEFT JOIN table b ON a.father_id =
 ) temp

$primaryKey = 'id';

$columns = array(
   array( 'db' => 'id',          'dt' => 0 ),
   array( 'db' => 'name',        'dt' => 1 ),
   array( 'db' => 'father_id',   'dt' => 2 ),
   array( 'db' => 'father_name', 'dt' => 3 )

$sql_details = array(
   'user' => '',
   'pass' => '',
   'db'   => '',
   'host' => ''

require( 'ssp.class.php' );
echo json_encode(
   SSP::simple( $_GET, $sql_details, $table, $primaryKey, $columns )


You also need to edit ssp.class.php and replace all instances of FROM `$table` with FROM $table to remove backticks.

There is also repository that contains enhanced ssp.class.php supporting JOINs.

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