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Python Question

How to change column type from list to str pandas

I have a Data Frame:

df = pd.DataFrame({'id':[1,2,3],'word':[['one', 'two', 'four'],
['five', 'six', 'nine'],
['eight', 'eleven', 'ten']]})

id word
0 1 [one, two, four]
1 2 [five, six, nine]
2 3 [eight, eleven, ten]

The dtype of my values stored in "word" column is
. I want that values to become
I've tried this:

df2 = df[ y: " ".join(y))]

But it raised me an error:

KeyError: "['one two four' 'five six nine' 'eight eleven ten'] not in index"

Please, advise me something to solve my problem.

Answer Source

Very close. You're trying to select from the dataframe. Just remove an extra df and set of brackets and you're there! :

df2 = y: " ".join(y))
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