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SQL Question

Could not use view or function because of binding errors

I got read only access to Views and when i am trying to query the View i got this error message. Can anyone help me understand what is the actual problem and how to fix it.
FYI.. this is the 1st time i am viewing this table .
Here is the error message.

Msg 207, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Invalid column name 'ProductCategoryL2Name'.
Could not use view or function 'DB.Product' because of binding errors.

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Answer Source

It sounds like the view was created and then one of the underlying tables was changed. I.e., ProductCategoryL2Name no longer exists or was renamed. You can try this to get the view's definition, but the sys tables might be locked down. Your best bet is to go talk to whoever owns the database and ask them to fix it (which can be quite a rabbit hole in large organizations or on consulting gigs).

SELECT sm.definition
FROM [YourDB].sys.sql_modules AS sm  
    JOIN [YourDB].sys.objects AS o 
        ON sm.object_id = o.object_id  
WHERE sm.object_id = OBJECT_ID('YourDB.dbo.ViewName')
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