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TableViewer how to set caret position for the cell with Editing Support and remove FULL_SELECTION

I have a TableViewer with last column which has EditingSupport to edit the cell's value. The viewer has style set to FULL_SELECTION.
Once I click on the cell, the text value is fully selected:

"max value" is fully selected

I can start editing, it will clear off the current value

"max value"
and start new value.

However, If i want to move the mouse to a specific position to edit, I need to give a delay of a sec or so. If I click too fast right after the first click to select, the cell will be deselected.

Is there any way to avoid that? Can I make the cell not fully selected ? or always have the caret to the end of the text ? Thanks!

Answer Source

I assume you are using TextCellEditor as the cell editor.

Create your own class extending TextCellEditor and override the doSetFocus class to be something like:

protected void doSetFocus()

  if (text != null) {
     text.setSelection(0, 0);
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