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R Question

dplyr change many data types

to change data types I can use something like

l1 <- c("fac1","fac2","fac3")
l2 <- c("dbl1","dbl2","dbl3")
dat[,l1] <- lapply(dat[,l1], factor)
dat[,l2] <- lapply(dat[,l2], as.numeric)


dat <- dat %>% mutate(
fac1 = factor(fac1), fac2 = factor(fac2), fac3 = factor(fac3),
dbl1 = as.numeric(dbl1), dbl2 = as.numeric(dbl2), dbl3 = as.numeric(dbl3)

is there a more elegant (shorter) way in dplyr?


Answer Source

You can use the standard evaluation version of mutate_each (which is mutate_each_) to change the column classes:

dat %>% mutate_each_(funs(factor), l1) %>% mutate_each_(funs(as.numeric), l2)
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