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Using a map to check if an id exists

I'm implementing a locking mecahnism and for this I need a fast lookup wether a given Id already is locked. Now I was thinking of using a map and I'm wondering if there is some better structure for this. Basically I don't really need the map, because there is no mapping done. However, If I would use a vector, I would have to do a linear search, which would become expensive for many entries.

Now I wonder if there is some structure that allows me a similar fast lookup without the additional overhead of storing etra data.


std::map<IdType, bool> locked;

// Prevent deadlock by checking if this thread already locked. Otherwise
// it can pass through.
if(locked.find(Id) != locked.end())

As you can see, I don't really need the mapped value. I know that for
, using a
, it is compressed to bits. Now I wonder if I waste a lot of memory for maintaining those bools while I don't even need them anyway. Would a
be better or some other structure which just gives me the key lookup without the extra data?

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If you have C++0x, you could use std::unordered_set, average lookup is O(1).

From the documentation (emphasis mine):

... Search, insertion, and removal have average constant-time complexity.

Internally, the elements are not sorted in any particular order, but organized into buckets. Which bucket an element is placed into depends entirely on the hash of its value. This allows fast access to individual elements, since once a hash is computed, it refers to the exact bucket the element is placed into.

If you don't have C++0x, unordered_set should be in TR1:

#include <tr1/unordered_set>
std::tr1::unordered_set<IdType> locked;

You could also use an unordered_map, but I guess the readers of you code would have a hard time understanding what the mapped value is used for.

P.S.: And keep the Rules Of Optimization in mind ;)

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