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Android Question

display image from byteArray

before asking question let me tell you about my class hierarchy. i have a

class with has
method. in that method i have made the MapFile class' object.and called its
methods. in
method i call another class named
where i read the images tiles from my binary file and there i have to display my image.

now question is how can i display image without putting my code into
onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceStare)
method.i am trying this way but on first line it gives me null pointer exception.

ImageView image = (ImageView) findViewById(;
Bitmap bMap = BitmapFactory.decodeByteArray(imageTile, 0, imageTile.length);

thanks in Advance.

Answer Source

I think your issue is not the byteArray but the findViewById. As you say that the NPE is on the first line. There are rules around this method you have two options to call it :

Either you use it to query a View you already have in the layout you called in setContentView
Or you use it on a View contained in a layout you inflated manually with a layout inflater

If you try to use it in your activity to call a View from any other layout than the one in setContentView that you have not inflated yourself, it will return null.

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