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C# Question

Unique ways to use the Null Coalescing operator

I know the standard way of using the Null coalescing operator in C# is to set default values.

string nobody = null;
string somebody = "Bob Saget";
string anybody = "";

anybody = nobody ?? "Mr. T"; // returns Mr. T
anybody = somebody ?? "Mr. T"; // returns "Bob Saget"

But what else can
be used for? It doesn't seem as useful as the ternary operator, apart from being more concise and easier to read than:

nobody = null;
anybody = nobody == null ? "Bob Saget" : nobody; // returns Bob Saget

So given that fewer even know about null coalescing operator...

  • Have you used
    for something else?

  • Is
    necessary, or should you just use the ternary operator (that
    most are familiar with)

Answer Source

Well, first of all, it's much easier to chain than the standard ternary:

string anybody = parm1 ?? localDefault ?? globalDefault;


string anyboby = (parm1 != null) ? parm1 
               : ((localDefault != null) ? localDefault 
               : globalDefault);

It also works well if null-possible object isn't a variable:

string anybody = Parameters["Name"] 
              ?? Settings["Name"] 
              ?? GlobalSetting["Name"];


string anybody = (Parameters["Name"] != null ? Parameters["Name"] 
                 : (Settings["Name"] != null) ? Settings["Name"]
                 :  GlobalSetting["Name"];
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