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iOS Question

How to change track position on lock screen/control center?

When playing a song with the ios 7 music app the user can use slider to change song position in the lock screen/the control center. Slider is active:

enter image description here

But when playing music in my app user can't do it. Slider isn't active:

enter image description here

How can i enable these feature in my app?

Answer Source

You can change track position with help of MPRemoteCommandCenter on iOS 9.1 and higher.

if (floor(NSFoundationVersionNumber) > NSFoundationVersionNumber_iOS_9_0) {
            MPRemoteCommandCenter *commandCenter = [MPRemoteCommandCenter sharedCommandCenter];
            [commandCenter.changePlaybackPositionCommand setEnabled:true];
            [commandCenter.changePlaybackPositionCommand addTarget:self action:@selector(changedThumbSliderOnLockScreen:)];

and method

- (MPRemoteCommandHandlerStatus)changedThumbSliderOnLockScreen:(MPChangePlaybackPositionCommandEvent *)event
    // change position
    [self setCurrentPlaybackTime:event.positionTime];
    // update MPNowPlayingInfoPropertyElapsedPlaybackTime
    [[MPNowPlayingInfoCenter defaultCenter] setNowPlayingInfo:songInfo];

    return MPRemoteCommandHandlerStatusSuccess;
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