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How can I get pyinstaller to working on Ubuntu?

I am using Ubuntu 16 and installed Python 3.5, also installed pip3 and with pip3 I installed PyInstaller. I am not able to run PyInstaller. Whenever I type in pyinstaller in the the terminal, I got the below error? Do I have to add a path? If so, how do I do that? Thanks

pyinstaller: command not found

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First you need to find where pip installed PyInstaller:

sudo find / -name pyinstaller

Then you can either run it using the full path or add it to your .bashrc file. To add to .bashrc, create the following line or add your path to any existing "export PATH=" line in your .bashrc (found in your home directory):

export PATH="/path/to/pyinstaller:$PATH"

Save that file and logout/login to have it take effect.

To make the path available to all users, add it to your /etc/environment file (must be sudo edited).

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