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Creating a Table of Contents for a XWPFDocument with page numbers' indication

I am actually generating a Word Document with Apache POI, and I need to automatically create a Table of Contents (TOC) that references the paragraphs, with their page's indication.

This is the code I am using (I omit preconditions and internal methods' body):

XWPFDocument doc = new XWPFDocument(OPCPackage.openOrCreate(new File(document)));

String strStyleId = "Index Style";
addCustomHeadingStyle(doc, strStyleId, 1);

XWPFParagraph documentControlHeading = doc.createParagraph();
changeText(documentControlHeading, "First try");

XWPFParagraph documentControlHeading1 = doc.createParagraph();
changeText(documentControlHeading1, "Second try");


When I open the resulting document, I am getting this result (see blue squares):

enter image description here

In the left part, I can see the generated TOC. So far, so good.
In the document's body, however, I can just see a static text "Table of Contents", with no indications at all (neither paragraphs nor pages). I cannot even interact with it.

If I'd click on the menu entry "Table of Contents" (red square on the upper-left corner), the "real" Table of Content that I want is being generated (follow the arrow, of course...).

My question is: how can I achieve the second result (red TOC) from code?

Thank you so much.

Side note: I even tried putting
, but every reference of the TOC disappears, this way.

Answer Source

The XWPF classes as you have seen are a work in progress, with no real overarching architecture. That will change over time as we work on it, but in the mean time you can try to add a simple TOC field to a paragraph in this way.

XWPFParagraph p;
// get or create your paragraph
CTP ctP = p.getCTP();
CTSimpleField toc = ctP.addNewFldSimple();
toc.setInstr("TOC /h");

This will create a Table of contents with hyperlinks to the pages, it should be recalculated when Word opens it, and the table of contents will be based on predefined HeaderX styles.

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