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RegEx doesn't match in Perl: Why?

I have this (German) example string

Gesundheit und einen besseren Fußball- u. Musikgeschmack!

I want to match the words that are connected by
- u.

In this case I want the to match
Fußball- u. Musikgeschmack

I wrote an RegEx expression which does exactly that but it seems to work differently if I run it as part of a Perl script.

My RegEx is this:
[ |^]*([A-Za-zÄäÖöÜüß]+[\-\\][ ]*[u][\.][A-Za-zÄäÖöÜüß ]+)

According to this website that allows interactive RegEx testing it selects what it should:

What perl gives me is
ball- u. Musikgeschmack

I have the German special character
in the block that matches
so I don't get why it does not match

Answer Source

Indeed, @stribizhev seem to be right, it's use utf8; issue: this pragma says that string literals in the source file are utf8-encoded and thus allow Perl to decode them into Unicode and operate properly.

use utf8;
binmode(STDOUT, ":utf8");

$s = "Gesundheit und einen besseren Fußball- u. Musikgeschmack!";

$s=~/[ |^]*([A-Za-zÄäÖöÜüß]+[\-\\][ ]*[u][\.][A-Za-zÄäÖöÜüß ]+)/;


Fußball- u. Musikgeschmack

See also perlunicode for details.

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