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C# Question

C# Modal Popup does not appear in some devices after publishing my website although it appears locally

C# Modal popup appears locally correctly But when I published my website--> modal popup doesn't appear in my PC But it works fine and appears in some other PCs..

this is the website:
After selecting category-->show all courses related then select course --> show modal popup with course description

I don't know where the problem website or server i published or my pc!!

please help...thanks in advance

Answer Source

Your website seems to check for the Personal Information requirements before spitting out the Modal. Also I found some of the following bugs:

  • Modal shows only if the mandatory fields are entered.
  • Mandatory fields accept any value as answers. For eg., it doesn't check the formatting of email nor a proper telephone number.
  • The section field in Modal appears a bit cluttered. It can be listed out as bullets using:

    string str = "\u2022 First Line." + System.Environment.NewLine + "\u2022 Second Line.";

where \u2022 is the ASCII character for the bullet point symbol.

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