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Any way to ensure JMS eventing occurs or to tell JMS eventing to start and complete at a certain time?

I am running an integration test using Arquillian in an EAR file that uses CDI and JMS where I am dependent on the results of JMS eventing for the integration tests. I found that I cannot control when the JMS eventing occurs. Sometimes, JMS eventing occurs before a particular test starts which is the result I want. But sometimes I find the JMS eventing occurs after the test. Is there any way to tell JMS that it should begin at a particular time or to complete by a particular time? Is there any way to ask JMS whether a particular event has occurred or not? Is there any way to tell a test in Arquillian to wait for JMS to complete before starting?

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The way I solved the issue was to add the following call after sending my JMS event:

try {
} catch (InterruptedException e) {
    // TODO Auto-generated catch block

With the above code, the JMS eventing is able to complete before the start of the next test. This works consistently.

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