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SVN checkout is failing with svn:// protocol but it is working with svn+ssh:// protocol

1) svn:// - not working
enter image description here

2) svn+ssh:// - working
enter image description hereI am using linux server with installed apache and tomcat into it and I want to access svn using svn:// protocol

I have installed svn using 'yum install subversion' command
My svn version is - version 1.7.14 (r1542130).

After installation, I can access it using svn+ssh:// protocol but I can't access it using just svn:// protocol.

When I try to access it using svn+ssh:// it keeps me asking for ssh password and it is not asking svn userid and password.

I want to access it using just svn:// protocol with svn userids and passwords.

Things I checked -

1) Svenserve daemon has already been started using command

svnserve -d -r /webcontent/data/svn_repo

Answer Source
  • In order to use svn:// you must to run pure svnserve daemon before
  • When you connect with svn+ssh:// you really connect to host using ssh and run all svn-related tasks inside tunnel.
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