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Swift Question

Find an item and change value in custom object array - Swift

I have this class

class InboxInterests {

var title = ""
var eventID = 0
var count = ""
var added = 0

init(title : String, eventID : NSInteger, count: String, added : NSInteger) {
self.title = title
self.eventID = eventID
self.count = count
self.added = added


And i use it like this

var array: [InboxInterests] = [InboxInterests]()

Add item

let post = InboxInterests(title: "test",eventID : 1, count: "test", added: 0)

I want to find the index by
key and change the value of
key in the same index

How is that possible?


Use filter and first to find the value:

array.filter({$0.eventID == id}).first?.added = value

In this you: - filter the array down to elements that match the event ID - pick the first result, if any - then set the value