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Reuse java connectionpool in scala

I have a legacy Java application, and would like to reuse its database connection handling when extending the app with scala.

The existing application does this to use the database (with try/catch omitted):

Connection dbConn = NewConnectionPool.getRemotePool().getConnection();
PreparedStatement ps = dbConn.prepareStatement(someQuery);

in the scala code I tried:

class Rules {
val connHandle = NewConnectionPool.getRemotePool.getConnection
val session = connHandle.unwrap(classOf[java.sql.Connection])
def loadTagRulesFromDb(name: String = "rules"): tagRuleSet = {
//val tagRules = NamedDB('remotedb) readOnly { implicit session =>
val tagRules = DB readOnly { implicit session =>
sql"select * from databasename.messaging_routing_matchers".map(
rs => tagRule(
for (tr <- tagRules) {

and call it like:

Rules rr = new Rules();

and I get this error (both with DB and the NamedDB version) "
Connection pool is not yet initialized.(name:'
" with name either default or remotedb):

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Connection pool is not yet initialized.(name:'default)
at scalikejdbc.ConnectionPool$$anonfun$get$1.apply(ConnectionPool.scala:76) ~[scalikejdbc-core_2.11-2.4.2.jar:2.4.2]
at scalikejdbc.ConnectionPool$$anonfun$get$1.apply(ConnectionPool.scala:74) ~[scalikejdbc-core_2.11-2.4.2.jar:2.4.2]
at scala.Option.getOrElse(Option.scala:121) ~[scala-library-2.11.8.jar:na]
at scalikejdbc.ConnectionPool$.get(ConnectionPool.scala:74) ~[scalikejdbc-core_2.11-2.4.2.jar:2.4.2]
at scalikejdbc.ConnectionPool$.apply(ConnectionPool.scala:65) ~[scalikejdbc-core_2.11-2.4.2.jar:2.4.2]
at scalikejdbc.DB$.connectionPool(DB.scala:151) ~[scalikejdbc-core_2.11-2.4.2.jar:2.4.2]
at scalikejdbc.DB$.readOnly(DB.scala:172) ~[scalikejdbc-core_2.11-2.4.2.jar:2.4.2]
at dk.coolsms.smsc.Rules.loadTagRulesFromDb(Rules.scala:28) ~[smsc.jar:na]
at dk.coolsms.smsc.SendMessage.sendMessage(SendMessage.java:206) ~[smsc.jar:na]

I assume that I can get a scalikejdbc compatible connection from the BoneCP connectionHandle somehow?

EDIT: the solution is below, note that
DB readOnly etc.
should not be used since it relies on
and application.conf, which does not apply in this specific case


Accessing via a javax.sql.DataSource instance would be the best way to integrate ScalikeJDBC with existing database connections.


But you already have a raw java.sql.Connection, it's also possible to simply create a DBSession as below:

implicit val session = DBSession(conn)
sql"select * from databasename.messaging_routing_matchers".toMap.list.apply()