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Reuse java connectionpool in scala

I have a legacy Java application, and would like to reuse its database connection handling when extending the app with scala.

The existing application does this to use the database (with try/catch omitted):

Connection dbConn = NewConnectionPool.getRemotePool().getConnection();
PreparedStatement ps = dbConn.prepareStatement(someQuery);

in the scala code I tried:

class Rules {
val connHandle = NewConnectionPool.getRemotePool.getConnection
val session = connHandle.unwrap(classOf[java.sql.Connection])
def loadTagRulesFromDb(name: String = "rules"): tagRuleSet = {
//val tagRules = NamedDB('remotedb) readOnly { implicit session =>
val tagRules = DB readOnly { implicit session =>
sql"select * from databasename.messaging_routing_matchers".map(
rs => tagRule(
for (tr <- tagRules) {

and call it like:

Rules rr = new Rules();

and I get this error (both with DB and the NamedDB version) "
Connection pool is not yet initialized.(name:'
" with name either default or remotedb):

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Connection pool is not yet initialized.(name:'default)
at scalikejdbc.ConnectionPool$$anonfun$get$1.apply(ConnectionPool.scala:76) ~[scalikejdbc-core_2.11-2.4.2.jar:2.4.2]
at scalikejdbc.ConnectionPool$$anonfun$get$1.apply(ConnectionPool.scala:74) ~[scalikejdbc-core_2.11-2.4.2.jar:2.4.2]
at scala.Option.getOrElse(Option.scala:121) ~[scala-library-2.11.8.jar:na]
at scalikejdbc.ConnectionPool$.get(ConnectionPool.scala:74) ~[scalikejdbc-core_2.11-2.4.2.jar:2.4.2]
at scalikejdbc.ConnectionPool$.apply(ConnectionPool.scala:65) ~[scalikejdbc-core_2.11-2.4.2.jar:2.4.2]
at scalikejdbc.DB$.connectionPool(DB.scala:151) ~[scalikejdbc-core_2.11-2.4.2.jar:2.4.2]
at scalikejdbc.DB$.readOnly(DB.scala:172) ~[scalikejdbc-core_2.11-2.4.2.jar:2.4.2]
at dk.coolsms.smsc.Rules.loadTagRulesFromDb(Rules.scala:28) ~[smsc.jar:na]
at dk.coolsms.smsc.SendMessage.sendMessage(SendMessage.java:206) ~[smsc.jar:na]

I assume that I can get a scalikejdbc compatible connection from the BoneCP connectionHandle somehow?

EDIT: the solution is below, note that
DB readOnly etc.
should not be used since it relies on
and application.conf, which does not apply in this specific case

Answer Source

Accessing via a javax.sql.DataSource instance would be the best way to integrate ScalikeJDBC with existing database connections.


But you already have a raw java.sql.Connection, it's also possible to simply create a DBSession as below:

implicit val session = DBSession(conn)
sql"select * from databasename.messaging_routing_matchers".toMap.list.apply()
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