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Sending arguments to gesture recognizer initialization selector?

In my program, I have a

which I have initialized with
initWithTarget: action:
. I have passed in a selector to call a method by the name of
PlanetTapped: (UIImageView *)aPlanet
. This calls the method fine, however I would like to know how to pass arguments into
like you would with
performSelector: withObject
. Is this popssible? It would make sense to allow you to send arguments to the
's selector. Any help is appreciated.


The correct signature for the method to call would be:

-(void) PlanetTapped: (UIGestureRecognizer*)gestureRecognizer

then you could access the view that received the gesture by calling:

-(void) PlanetTapped: (UIGestureRecognizer*)gestureRecognizer {

    UIImageView* aPlanet = gestureRecognizer.view;

Indeed, this is what UIGestureRecognizer reference states:

A gesture recognizer has one or more target-action pairs associated with it. If there are multiple target-action pairs, they are discrete, and not cumulative. Recognition of a gesture results in the dispatch of an action message to a target for each of those pairs. The action methods invoked must conform to one of the following signatures:

  • (void)handleGesture;
  • (void)handleGesture:(UIGestureRecognizer *)gestureRecognizer;